What we stand for

What we stand for

From our first day, over 40 years ago, we’ve stood strong for our people.

Today we are now the leading medical provider for our people.

We care for our people’s health, their teeth and their mental wellbeing. Help our people quit the smokes. Care for Mums to be, new Mums and their babies. We educate our kids, support our youth, help our people access the NDIS and provide care for our elders.

Our Vision

Our vision embodies Ƶ’s purpose and our ongoing commitment to continue to provide the best services possible to our community.

Our Mission

Leading the way - embracing our culture, with a commitment to continuous improvement, through innovative programs and excellence in service delivery.

It is through this commitment that Ƶ will be able to achieve our mission and continue to lead the way for future generations.

In addition to upholding our vision and mission, Ƶ and our staff are guided by three core goals:

Build a stronger organisation to ensure that Ƶ delivers best practice for our community and stakeholders.

Provide community leadership for our community and build our reputation with internal and external stakeholders.

Plan for a sustainable future to meet the needs of our community and environment.

Ƶ is...
Dedicated to advancing the wellbeing of our community

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