Ngarrama - Sit, listen and know

Ngarrama - Sit, listen and know

28 January 2022

‘Ngarrama’ was a sunset event held on the evening of the 25th January in King Edward Park Newcastle. Organised by the University of Newcastle, in partnership with Ƶ Ltd and the City of Newcastle, the inaugural evening attracted over 1,500 attendees who sat attentively on picnic blankets across the hill.

The word ‘ngarrama’ means to sit, listen and know, and reflects the sentiment of the vigil which was about sharing, education and meaningful reconciliation.

Image courtesy University of Newcastle

The free public event featured truth-telling, singing and dance performances, by young and old. Two of our recipients performed; Renae Lamb danced with and Ray ‘Bud’ Kelly from played the didgeridoo.

The final performance was by musician who sang Christina Anu’s ‘My Island Home’ while hundreds of torches lit up the park like stars.

The Newcastle region has a rich history dating back thousands of years, well before ships arrived in January 1788. Ngarrama was an opportunity for all residents, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, across the region to come together and to reflect on the land, people and culture that has come before.

Image courtesy Bindi Bryce ABC

Thank you to everyone who performed, shared their stories and helped to organise the event. And thank you too to those that came to sit, listen and know with us.